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  • Elevate Your Business and Personal Life
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Great ways to use Audible and Gamefly

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By now, you've probably heard about Audible, but in case you haven't, it's the world's largest audio book membership site. Audible offers over 100,000 audio book titles to its members. You can also purchase audio books from Audible even if you don't have a membership. However, this is not a smart way to buy audio books since you'll end up paying much more than you would if you had a membership. Members, in fact, get one free audio book per month. So even if you're purchasing just one audio book, it is wise to subscribe for just one month so you can claim your free audio book for the price of membership, which is only about $15 a month at the current time.

One advantage of audio books in today's world is that you can listen to them just about anywhere, on any device. As long as you have a tablet, a phone, an mp3 player, a laptop, or just about any other computing device, you should be able to listen to your books. Audible is available as an app on numerous devices, and their app is fantastic and easy to use. It doesn't matter if you're tech savvy or tech challenged; Whoever you are, you should have little to no issue getting started with Audible.

Below are what I consider some of the best ways to use Audible:

1. In your car
This is really a no-brainer. Listening to music is always fun, but so is listening to books. So why not give it a try the next time you're driving for a long time, you'll probably find that your drive becomes much more enjoyable when you're listening to a great book using Audible.

2. When you're doing chores

Things like vacuuming and doing the dishes has become much more productive for me thanks to Audible. I find that I can easily slip in 30 - 60 minutes of solid listening time while doing simple chores that don't require much thought.

3. Before bed
Many people lie in bed for a good 30 minutes or more before falling asleep. This is a great time to listen to a book in my opinion. And the great thing about audio books is that you can listen in the dark and not bother those around you.

Audible isn't the only web service I've fallen in love with. A related but different service I use is called Gamefly. For those of you who don't know about this service, Gamefly is a monthly service like Audible, but instead of audiobooks, it allows you to rent video games. These games are sent to your home, and the best part of the service is that you can keep the games for as long as you like. When you eventually sell the game(s) back using prepaid first-class mail, they will send you the next games you have on your list, which you can manage online. If you are a gamer, I highly encourage you to try out Gamefly. Fortunately, it won't cost you a penny to try out this service, since there is a 1-month Gamefly free trial that you can obtain if you visit freetrialspot.com.

So what happens when you love a game you rent and want to own it? Gamefly allows you to keep the game permanently by purchasing the game at a discounted price. Note that when you buy a game from Gamefly, it will be already be in "used" condition, so you can purchase it at a price that is lower than retail. Currently, Gamefly has over 8000 games available for all major game consoles.