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Choosing E-liquids

If you go online to sites like Youtube, you'll encounter many videos of people reviewing e-cig flavors. At first blush, this may seem like a great resource for helping you find e-liquids. After all, what's better than listening to someone's first-hand experience using a certain product? I used to browse tons of videos online on Youtube, and even bought certain flavors based on recommendations that other people made.

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But it wasn't long until I realized there is a serious flaw to this method of choosing e-liquids to try out. The problem is that when it comes to something like e-cig flavors, people's opinions can be highly subjective. I can't tell you how many times I bought a flavor because it got rave reviews from a user online, and for me personally, the same flavor just didn't taste all that great at all.

Because of this, I've learned that you simply have to be your own guinea pig when it comes to e-liquids. This can get costly, or course, so if possible, you want to find an e-liquid store that offers small sample bottles. If you can't find a good store that will provide samples, the next best thing is to look at the consensus rating an e-liquid has. While it's true that you can't rely on a single opinion to choose a flavor, I've found that the consensus rating is often a more accurate way to gauge how good an e-liquid might taste. While a 5-star e-liquid may not always be the best for you, it's rare that a highly rated e-liquid will taste terrible (unless your tastes are wildly different from those of most people).

One great site that offers hundreds of e-liquids and has has consensus ratings for its flavors is White Cloud. I'll be honest - I also like this site because it sells e-liquids at a reasonable price, especially when you take advantage of discount coupons. At the prices they offer, you can really stock up on White Cloud Ejuice and have a greater selection of Ejuice to vape all the time. If you shop at this store, make sure you obtain a White Cloud coupon from E-cigbargains from this link. I do this each time I place an order, and end up saving 10% on my order each time.