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  • Elevate Your Business and Personal Life
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Review of Inkfarm

When most people need ink for their printers, they purchase new ink cartridges, which are often referred to as OEM (original equipment manufacturer) cartridges. But unfortunately, such cartridges are also the most expensive kind you can buy. Although it's not well known to many casual consumers, there are ways you can get ink cartridges more cheaply.

One thing you can do is to simply find the lowest priced vendor that sells new cartridges. This is easily done online by using shopping comparison sites. Typically, the lowest priced store will end up being Internet vendors like 123inkjets and Inkfarm. If you would rather purchase the ink right away, I have found that Walmart tends to have the lowest prices for new cartridges. I generally avoid Officemax, Officedepot, and Staples, as I have found their prices to be higher compared to what Walmart offers.

However, if you are interested in finding the most aggressive deals out there, I recommend NOT buying new, OEM cartridges. The fact is, there are equally good cartridges you can purchase for much less. If you take this route, your two main choices are:

  • Remanufactured cartridges - These are used cartridges that are refilled with new ink. If the refill is performed professionally, remanufactured cartridges should work just like brand new cartridges. Therefore, you get the performance of a new cartridge at a much lower cost. The only caveat is that you must purchase your cartridge from a trusted source. Currently, my favorite online store that sells remanufactured cartridges is Inkfarm.com. You can read more about this excellent store at this website: http://inkjetprinterdiscounts.com/.

  • Compatible cartridges - If you feel uncomfortable buying recycled cartridges for whatever reason, you can buy new cartridges that are not made by the original manufacturer. Once again, you need to be sure the company that manufactures the cartridges are reliable. If so, you can expect OEM cartridge performance without paying OEM prices.

As I mentioned earlier, Inkfarm is one great store to consider if you want to buy either of these kinds of printer ink cartridges. Before you buy from this store, however, make sure you get some Inkfarm coupons from this site.