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  • Elevate Your Business and Personal Life
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Why Small Businesses Should Use Printplace

If you run a small business, you probably have a variety of printing needs, regardless of the industry you're in. At a minimum, you're going to have to print things like flyers, brochures, and business cards. And unfortunately, such materials can be quite expensive to print. Unless you want your business to appear amateurish, you're going to have to hire professional printing services. And such services usually charge quite a bit of money.

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For me, the ideal solution has been to utilize online printing companies instead. By ordering your printing online, you are able to streamline the process quite a bit. For example, you can upload your artwork through a browser and approve proofs over the Internet. What's more, you can usually take advantage of templates and pre-designed pieces, allowing you to often forgo the cost of hiring your own designer. Such "out of the box" solutions may not work for large companies, but for small businesses, they prove to be a valuable, cost-effective way to get your printing needs met.

The printing company I have had the best results working with is Printplace. This is a small online printing company that delivers high quality products. While it's not as cheap as some other print shops I've found online, they make up for it with their high quality printing and reliability. In addition, I have found that there are usually more than a couple Printplace coupons I can find online, which brings down the cost of my orders significantly.

Some small business owners decide to skip printing things altogether and instead rely soley on digital promotion. This may work for some industries, but you risk losing potential business unless you have some way of promoting yourself using more traditional channels. For this reason, I recommend that you continue using printing services, and cut costs by using online companies and by using coupons and promo codes from Printplace or other similar services.