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  • Elevate Your Business and Personal Life
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Supplements I use to treat conditions naturally

Natural Remedies

Western society definitely has a tendency to turn to medications first when looking for ways to treat ailments. But more and more, people are becoming aware that there are natural remedies that can be equally effective at treating a variety of conditions. For this reason, when I'm facing some sort of ailment, I typically turn to herbs and supplements first. The exception of course is when I'm facing a serious, acute illness.

A good website to visit in order to find natural remedies for various conditions is Earthclinic.com. There, you will find hundreds of submissions by users who give first-hand accounts of how effective a certain treatment was for them. It's all anecdotal evidence, and not exactly scientific. However, I find it a great starting point for researching different supplements or natural remedies I can try.

To give you an idea of the various natural remedies and supplements out there, here are some conditions I've been able to treat naturally:

Acne: I was able to resolve acne problems that lasted for decades by using Vitamin D, zinc, and lemon juice. This combination has been just as effective as using antibiotics like minocycline.

Depression: This is a condition that has been more difficult to treat. However, I've had a lot of success using a herb called Rhodiola, which is widely available from sites like Lucky Vitamin. Some people argue that you must buy high-quality Rhodiola for it to be effective. I have had success using the NOW brands of Rhodiola. To get Rhodiola cheaply, make sure you use this Pureformula coupon.

Digestive Disorders: In many cases, digestive disorders can be alleviated using digestive enzymes taken before meals. Such enzymes will help your body digest the foods you eat more easily. You'll need to experiment with the dosage a bit to find the amount of enzymes that work best for you.

For more information on natural remedies, make sure you check out Health.com.